Thursday, May 9, 2013


It's spring and your thinking about renewing a particular room in your home. Perhaps the dining room needs a fresh coat of paint.. or the living room has seen a bit too much living...or the foyer needs a little something-something. So you look in some of your favorite design books and think --- WALLPAPER! But. What if you don't like it after it's on the wall? Maybe painting is a better choice. NO! You can still have wallpaper... that is removable! Yep, removable wallpaper from Hygge & West.

Here are a few examples of the wallpaper tile that will make decorating more fun than ever...

Daydream (Blue) Tile

 Garden (Magenta) Tile

Triangles (Gray/Pink) Tile

Be sure to check out all the beautiful wallpaper tiles here.

Happy Decorating!!!!

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